Friday, September 6, 2013

Introducing The Global Pastry Table

At last!  It’s with great pleasure and excitement today that I announce the publication of my first ecookbook: The Global Pastry Table, pastries & desserts with international style for the modern kitchen, a new collection of 94 recipes that incorporate the influences, aromas and flavors of our interconnected world.  These are approachable recipes for home cooks who want to expand their pastry repertoire with unique and flavorful cakes, cookies, custards, tarts, ice cream and other pastries using familiar ingredients.  And it’s now available as an ebook on iTunes and Amazon.

The backstory for this project began about three years ago with my deep interest in the increasing globalization of our tables.  We can readily see that the modern kitchen reflects traditions and recipes from all over the world, especially now that we have greater access to quality ingredients to create and build upon regional global cuisine.  When I set out to write a cookbook, I wanted to convey some of the promise of these cross-cultural currents we experience in our everyday lives within the beautiful realm of pastry.  So I took what I believe are some of the most interesting and delicious ideas and influences and wove them into this new collection.  I call on both Old World traditions and New World approaches to convey what I think of as the global kitchen, a place where we can enjoy these creative resources.

There are new recipes for chocolate lovers as well as plenty of fruit, spice, nuts and desserts that incorporate olive oil.  They represent my reverance for international style, such as a tender Rum Cake with Spiced Butter Rum Glaze made with browned butter, melt-in-your-mouth Chocolate Walnut Financiers, cool and creamy Almond Toffee Semifreddo, Chocolate Garam Masala Cookies for a complex bite of spice, crisp Poppy Seed RugelachMaple Custard that worships the northeast, a rich everyday Dark Cocoa Cake, Brown Sugar Crème Fraiche Ice Cream with Balsamic Syrup that brings out all the best flavor notes, a refreshing Zabaglione Ice Cream with Coffee Granita…….. and much, much more. 

This is a book for people who love to be in their kitchens, who love to have their hands in the flour, creating beautiful and delicious morsels without a lot of fuss.  Many things can be made in a food processor, tart doughs are pressed rather than rolled and bench notes are there to guide you.  The style of the book will feel very familiar because from start to finish, I produced it entirely on my own.  After three long years in development, I’m excited to share the fun and adventure in this cookbook.

In addition to my family and friends who prodded, tasted, loved and cheered me on every step of the way, I want to especially thank all of my readers for your constant inspiration and creativity, your many generous emails and gracious support.  This was a very long, pretty crazy, definitely joyful, super exhausting but very satisfying experience and one I will never forget.

Visit The Global Pastry Table website for more information, including a detailed Table of Contents, recommendations for essential pastry tools, an example of my workflow and some background on the cover.  And please share with your family and friends!

To see some of the photos from the book:

Note: The iPad version of the book was created with Apple iBooks Author sofware.  It contains more photos and utilizes Apple multi-touch technology.
The Kindle/Kindle Cloud version was created using Amazon’s file standards.  

They differ in the following way:

iPad: 144 pages (landscape) and 191 images 
Kindle 302 pages (portrait) and 128 images

It's available in 51 countries.

Don't own an iPad?  Good news is on the way.  Starting with the new OS X Mavericks update due out early this fall, Apple is bringing its reading app to the Mac so you'll be able to read any iBook on your desktop or laptop computer.  iBooks will be fully functional with all the interactive features produced with iBooks Author.  

You can also purchase the Kindle version to read on the desktop of your computer or laptop if you have Windows 8, 7, XP or Vista or on a Mac or any Android tablet. You just need to download the free app.



The Devil's Food Advocate said...

This is so exciting! Congratulations!! It will be a pleasure to own this wonderful book. Thanks again for your inspirational work and for sharing it with all of us. I wish you every success with this project!

pastry studio said...

Thank you so very much, Devil's Food Advocate! It's been a long journey and I'm really excited to at last arrive at this place. (It's a little scary, too!)

Much appreciation to you for your commentary here at Pastry Studio.

Az said...

This looks amazing, I am sure it will do very well.

Do you know when we can buy it in the UK, at the moment it says Kindle only

pastry studio said...

azra, hello and thanks very much for your good wishes.

It's available in 51 countries but it's an electronic book only. If you don't have an iPad or a Kindle, you can still purchase the Kindle version to read on the desktop of your computer or laptop if you have Windows 8, 7, XP & Vista or on a Mac or any Android tablet. You just need to download the free app. See more information here:

And soon the iPad version will be available in the same way after Apple launches their new OSX Mavericks version this fall.

Hope this helps!

valerie s. said...

This is great, right up my alley! I have enjoyed your creations for so many years, proud to have your book in my kitchen, can't wait! Thanks for sharing your art with us, Gayle.

p.s. Love the cover!

pastry studio said...

Howdy, valerie! So good to hear the book resonates with you. Not very foodie but I love the cover, too. Enjoy!

mindy said...

every Saturday morning I look forward to getting my email from pasty studio to see what you have cooked up for us. tonight (friday) I jumped the gun a little and checked your site. what a delightful surprise to find your book! naturally, I downloaded it immediately. I have only had time to glance through it, but I have looked enough to say it is lovely, you did a beautiful job, and I look forward to using it. thank you! (and it's nice to finally know your name, gayle.)

pastry studio said...

mindy, you are a complete peach! Here's to your enjoyment of your new cookbook!

Karine said...

Big Congrats. I always loved your recipes and made many. Always so yummy. I will download your book today. The pics on Flickr are gorgious. Well done. Best wishes for a successful book. Will you have it in paper version as well?

pastry studio said...

Karine, it's wonderful to hear from you and thanks for your good question. At the moment, I don't have a plan for a hard copy. I'm researching print-on-demand options but so far they would be rather expensive to purchase because of the number of pages and all the images. But I will continue to look into this option because I would love to be able to offer more choice.

Thank you for your gracious support!

Bryan said...

The photos look especially lovely on a Kindle Fire.

Keep up the great work!

pastry studio said...

Bryan, great to know you enjoy the book on the Kindle Fire. A million thanks.

Y said...

Wow, congrats on the book! It looks awesome.

pastry studio said...

So great to hear from you Y!

Nishma said...

Congratulations, Gayle! I'm looking forward to getting your book on Kindle soon. Thank you for your generosity with sharing your experience and ideas. You've touched and enriched the lives of people you will most likely never even meet! Will you be continuing with this blog?

pastry studio said...

Much appreciation to you, Nishma, for your generous comment! I hope you enjoy the book.

Yes, my plan is to produce this blog as long as I have readers. So do continue to hang out with me here each week! said...

Wow, congratulations! I love your recipes and subscribe to them! It's great to see them all in one spot!

pastry studio said...

Thanks very much, Sandie! And also thanks for being a subscriber. My cookbook has 70 new recipes so my readers will have lots of delicious new ideas.

beth said...

Congratulations! I think I know what will be on my Christmas wish list this year.

pastry studio said...

Thank you, beth! I hope Santa is very good to you this year!